Better experience becomes
“Core Differentiator”

For financial firms today, it’s a crucial challenge that the retention of consumers is very hard when the User Experience is not satisfied enough. The legacy core system is no longer the core for business future growth, but the simple and friendly front-end, user engagement and personalized services. The trend of this transformation is an inside-out change management, refreshing the mindsets of whole organization and bring strategy on the ground to planning and execution in an agile approach.

About RootAnt

RootAnt = Finance x Design x Tech x Global Markets

With expertise in Finance, Design and Technology and global markets, RootAnt helps global financial firms with transforming to better user experience. RootAnt has now cooperated with clients and partners in more than 10 countries with offices located in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Chengdu - about 40 team members in total.

The philosophy behind “RootAnt”

Always think and act from the “Root”, accumulating efforts as tiny as “Ant” to be Greatly valuable.


  • Bank
  • Broker
  • Asset Investment
  • Wealth Management

Products and Services

  • Brain refresh
  • Skin replace
  • Bone reform
  • Blood boost

Training and Workshop

For transformation and change management through an organization, the legacy “mindset” is always the biggest challenge. A series of training courses and workshops – “Agile design thinking for financial industry” created by RootAnt are the starting point for the financial firms to step onto the new land. From the executive management team to the execution operation force, how to think and act in an agile way is very crucial for the success of the transformation.

Front-end replacement

As skin, the front-end is the first impression for the users. Modern design UI is always more attractive. Later on, user-friendly and easy-to-use UX makes user stay.As the legacy system is very hard to change, redesign UX/UI and integrated with existing back-end API is the easier and first step. Besides the financial App and platform, RootAnt also design data visualization into a more effective and impressive way.
RootAnt take the Google “Design sprint” methodology into financial industry, making financial world beautiful and easy.

Middle layer and Integration

As the core system is very hard to change, between the new front-end and the existing back-end, RootAnt builds a middle layer, upon which to expand more services that improve user experience. After data governance and API layer built, the middle layer could enable one account cross systems and with much less cost to integrate more applications.

The more flexible structure could provide much better user experience in global market price feed, KYC/AML, News feed and many other services.

Analytics engine and User engagement

Analytics engine especially in user behavior data analysis is the “pen” to draw the future roadmap for user experience improvement and updating the user portrait of the financial firm. RootAnt helps clients to build and integrate the analytics engine, which is the foundation for personalized service. With such a high cost of user acquisition, user engagement is the key for the user retention.

For user engagement, RootAnt has product applications for our clients to integrate, such as Rewards, Referral and Gamification, making users to be self-driven, as partner and closer with the younger generation.

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