Financial Solutions

BANCO Finance

Supply Chain Finance

The multi-tier financing with “Digital payment obligation (DPO)” can provide with financiers and regulatory with further transparency and visibility on whole value chain transactions for better risk management and fraud protection. The whole value chain can benefit from it for payable and receivable financing with lower cost, easier access and fast process.

SME Finance

Within the ecosystem supply chain finance platform, with real transactions, behaviors, credit records collected, the SME finance services and products could be integrated into the platform as pre-approved credit loan or other forms of financing support with better credit assessment and risk management.

Green Finance

With the full visibility and transparency of transactions in the value chains, the green finance services and products can be a natural extension integrated in the platform in financing support and carbon credit collection and trading. The data in real transactions will help the validation, audit and other pain points in current status.


FX conversion and Payment

In international supply chain and trade, there are challenges in FX conversion and cross-border payment. The ecosystem supply chain finance platform can be integrated with new methods of payments and FX service providers with lower cost and fast process. The seamless experience across whole lifecycle in supply chain will enhance the stickiness of whole value chain.


Supply Chain Asset-backed Security (ABS)

For the whole ecosystems and value chains, the ecosystem supply chain finance will encourage the collaboration between financial institutions across countries in a form of lead financier and co-financiers as syndicated model powered by clearing technology. The supply chain assets can also be securitized as the high credibility of the core enterprises – Asset-backed security structure.