Our Vision & Mission

There are huge gaps in financing demand and the credit globally, especially for SMEs. We believe digital and open banking technologies can fill the gap and make financing inclusive and sustainable.

RootAnt is a technology enabler of Banking as a Service, specializing in Embedded Financing for enterprises, connecting enterprises and financial institutions with new digital financial products for easier, cheaper and faster financing services in various contexts.

RootAnt is headquartered in Singapore and branch offices in China and Japan.

“RootAnt” is our value and culture – Think and act from the “Root”, Teamwork and united as Ants.

BANCO means “Embedded banking services for Companies”, as shown in the icon, the “b - banking” is embedded in the “C - Companies”.

Selected in "Singapore’s Blockchain Landscape 2020" by IMDA

Global Fintech Innovation Award

RootAnt awarded as the only Transaction Banking and Supply Chain Finance Fintech

Awarded "Selected Outstanding Program"

TOKENEST is RootAnt’s Cloud Investment Banking Engine, a Blockchain based Syndication and Securitization Banking as a Service platform.

Singapore Fintech Award 2019

Sustainability and Social Impact

We are determined to make the economy more sustainable as the framework and principles of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance),
making social impact through inclusive embedded financing services.

Finovate Awards 2020 - Excellence in Sustainability