Digital and Open Business Banking

RootAnt enables banks and non-bank financial institutions with digital banking technologies
and scenario-based new financing product design.
The company’s open banking technology makes the financial institutions integrated
and open, connecting with ecosystems.

Digital and Open banking technologies

full stack

Banking ‘Satellite engine’

Financing products “factory”
KYC/AML and Account management
Risk management and Anti-fraud
Analytics and Reporting

Middle layer ‘Tower’

Identity authentication
Scenario-based workflow design
Streamlined business and data flow
Big data and visualization
AI - Credit Decisioning
AI - Automation
AI - Enterprise finance management

Integration ‘Adaptor’

Open-APIs, SDK
API security
One-account connect (SSO)
Integration - core banking systems
Integration - Enterprise systems
Integration - Third-party platform
Integration - Third-party App/data
Integration - IoT
Integration - Blockchain

Front-end ‘Experience’

Better UI design and user experience
Digitization of supply chain data
Cross-platforms and cross-channel
Mobile APPs, Web and Desktop


Blockchain is the key technology, which would disrupt and enable the financial industry in many ways. We apply Blockchain technology
into supply chain finance for data privacy/sharing, smart contract, streamline flows and many more, to be more transparent, traceable
and trustworthy.


To face the complexity of fraud and money laundry risks in transactions, we have been building in-house and partnering with external
experts to train the AI for transactions monitoring. The solution will bring financiers and regulatory with stronger risk management


Open API

GoAnt - RootAnt's SME finance platform in Singapore

BANCO Chain - Blockchain network for Supply Chain Finance

Trusted and transparent supply chain assests

Multi-tier financing

The multi-tier financing with “Digital payment obligation (DPO)” can provide with financiers and regulatory with further transparency and
visibility on whole value chain transactions for better risk management and fraud protection. The whole value chain can benefit from it for
payable and receivable financing with lower cost, easier access and fast process.

Warehouse inventory finance

Warehouse inventory finance with "approved smart warehouse” can enable logistics and warehouse operators to offer inventory
financing service to their inventory owner clients as add-value service to enhance stickiness. The real-time data sharing from logistics and
warehouse operators to financiers would improve the risk management in inventory financing with monitoring and tracking.


  • Bank
  • NBFI
  • Enterprise


Technology, Integration and Consulting partners