Making Finance Open and Easy

The global financial markets are facing the common challenges that the existing financial services are
high risk, low efficiency, bad user experience due to the legacy business model and technology.
RootAnt’s vision is that technology would completely change the relationship between finance and human,
holding the mission of making finance more open and easy.

About RootAnt

Founded in 2013, RootAnt transforms with global financial institutions to create and upgrade financial systems and platforms to be more Open and Easy.

RootAnt has cooperated with clients and partners from more than 10 countries
with 6 offices located in Singapore (HQ), Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

The philosophy behind “RootAnt”

From “Root”, as “Ant”


Supply Chain & Trade Finance

We help corporate banks and NBFI to transform to a new era of Supply Chain & Trade Finance, which called as “One industry, One ecosystem, One platform”. All the participants in the value chain and relevant financial institutions are connected via the platform, unifying business flows, capital flows, logistics flows and data flows to be a comprehensive financial and business service platform. We are filling the gap between the industries and financial institutions, to lower the financing cost and to increase the accessibility to banking services of SMEs, controlling the risk and improving the efficiency of financial institutions. The turnkey solution with both tech and finance would create new business opportunities for financial institutions and enterprise and open the doors of better financing products for SMEs.

Open Banking and Finance

We provide financial institutions with open banking and finance solution to build the open layer (middle layer) connecting with existing middleware or core system and Omni-channeled APIs, data, business process and accounts. The open layer would be developed aligned with the new innovation business platform requirement in an agile way. Based on the open layer, design or redesign the cross-platform front-ends to be user-centric and excellent user experience. Through the open layer, we can also add an analytics engine and more third-party integrations to the new platform with the whole ecosystem involved.


Blockchain is the key technology, which would disrupt and enable the financial industry in many ways. We apply Blockchain technology into finance in data privacy, smart contract and tokenization. The technology is making capital more transparent, trackable and tradable. Our trading engine, investment platform and digital wallet solution for digital assets would provide financial institutions and enterprises with the transformation solution in phases.


Targeting Clients

  • Bank
  • NBFI
  • Enterprise

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