Watering the “roots” of Enterprise Ecosystems

Fill the gaps of financial demand between financial institutions and enterprise ecosystems, especially for the SMEs,
to make a more sustainable economy with inclusive financial services.

"Enabler" and "Connector" of Banking as a Service

RootAnt enables financial institutions and corporates with digital banking technologies, to create new scenario-based new financial products.With open banking technology, RootAnt connects the financial institutions with ecosystems - Integrated and Inclusive.

Cloud Transaction Banking

Transaction banking, also known as corporate banking, is the provision of services to help companies carry out trade and commerce. This includes trade finance, supply-chain management, foreign exchange, payments, and cash and liquidity management. With BANCO Engine, RootAnt provides financial institutions with Banking as a Service in Cloud Transaction Banking with holistic digital banking products and services, currently covering Finance, FX conversion & Payment and ABS. The BANCO Engine can create more scenario-based financial products with the collaboration with both financial institutions and enterprise ecosystems. The financial institutions are able to transform to digital transaction banking and offer digital products as simple and easy as subscribe Cloud services.

Supply Chain Finance
SME Finance
Green Finance
FX conversion and Payment
Supply Chain Asset-backed Security (ABS)

Ecosystem Supply Chain Finance

RootAnt empowers Anchor companies in enterprise ecosystems to lead and launch Ecosystem Supply Chain Finance platform for their whole value-chain participants, with the pre-integrated connectivity with financial institutions and the financial products that fit the demand in the specific ecosystem. The “Ecosystem supply chain finance” approach will create a more sustainable and green economy and long-term healthier relationships.

Case Study

A team of Credit Suisse from Switzerland Headquarter came to RootAnt Shanghai R&D center, learning the experience of digital and open banking and practiced a supply chain finance platform POC with RootAnt.